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What are the registration requirements for registering a .UK domain?


- All second-level UK domains (e.g. .CO.UK, .ORG.UK etc) registered prior to June 10, 2014 have priority and the rights to register the same .UK domain name until June 10, 2019. This is valid as long as the original domain remains active. Any 2nd level domains that were registered after June 10, 2014, does not have priority over the same .UK domain, and therefore the .UK domain name is available to the general public.


If another person holds the rights to the registration of the .UK domain you want to register, you will not be able to register that particular .UK domain until after June 10, 2019.


If the requested .UK domain is not registered as another United Kingdom extension, it is available to the general public.


You can check here to see if anyone holds the rights to the registration of your new .UK domain. A local address in the United Kingdom is required. If you do not meet this requirement, we can register the domain using our local address at an additional fee (Trustee Service).



- There are no requirements.



- Registrant must be a British natural person.



- The registrant is required to be a British Internet Service Provider and be listed as a Local Internet Registry. The registered domain name must be the same as or a similar variant of the applicant's name.


New extension .LONDON has been released for registration. Register your new .LONDON domain now.

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