Domains Help Center Anti-Spam Policy Corp. does not tolerate the transmission of spam. We monitor all traffic to and from our web servers for indications of spamming. We also maintain a spam abuse compliant center to keep record and to register any allegations of spam abuse.

If in case a customer is suspected to be using Marcaria products and services for the purpose of sending spam, fair and proper investigation will be conducted and our team will take all necessary action to resolve the situation. Our Spam Abuse Compliant Center can be reached by email at

How We Define Spam

Marcaria's definition of spam is clear and very straightforward. Customers are guilty of spamming if they are sending any Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE), Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), Unsolicited Facsimiles (Fax), or email or facsimile to recipients as an advertisement, promotion or otherwise, without first obtaining prior confirmed consent to receive these communications from the sender. This can include, but is not limited to, the following: 

i. Email Messages
ii. Facsimile Solicitations 
iii. Instant messages (using AOL, MSN, Yahoo or other instant messenger programs)
iv. Pop-up messages (aka "adware" or "spyware" messages)
v. Guestbook or Website Forum postings
vi. Online chat room advertisements
vii. Windows system messages
viii. Newsgroup postings

What We Allow and Don't Allow

Marcaria does not allow its servers and services to be used for any of the activities described above regardless of purpose. Customers are expected to abide by our no-spam policies, regulations and applicable laws in order to use our products and services. Some applicable laws include the Can-Spam Act of 2003 and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Our customers are allowed to send commercial advertising and/or bulk emails or faxes only to recipients who have specifically "opted-in" to receive such type of messages from the sender. The message must include a legitimate return address and reply-to address. It also must indicate the sender's physical address and an easy opt-out method in the footer of the email or fax. Upon request by Marcaria, conclusive proof of opt-in may be required for an email address or fax number. 

What We Do 

If Marcaria determines the services in question are being used in association with spam, we reserve the right to re-direct, suspend, or even cancel any domain registration, web site hosting, email boxes and/or other applicable services for a period of no less than two (2) days. The registrant or customer will be required to respond by email to Marcaria stating that they will cease to send spam and/or have spam sent on their behalf.

Marcaria will require a non-refundable reactivation fee to be paid before the site, email boxes and/or services are reactivated.

In the event Marcaria determines the abuse has not stopped after the services have been restored the first time, Marcaria may terminate the hosting and email boxes associated with the domain name in question.

To Report Spam Abuse

We encourage all customers and recipients of email generated from our products and services to report suspected spam. Suspected abuse can be reported by email to 

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