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What is “Uniregistry Extended Protection Service” (Uni EPS)?

“Uniregistry Extended Protection Service” is a protection blocking service, that allows trademark holders to prevent domain misuse and abuse.

This service was created for trademark holders seeking to further protect their brand identity online from the rising criminal trend of domain name abuse.

Uni EPS and EPS+ are two services that represent a new standard in domain name blocking. It lets brand owners block the registration of terms registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) throughout the entirety of Uniregistry Top Level Domain portfolio and is provided through two unique product offerings, Uni EPS and Uni EPS+:

  • Uni EP allows the Registrant to block one (1) Label contained in the TMCH SMD file.
  • Uni EP+ allows the Registrant to block all Labels contained in the TMCH SMD file, as well as all homoglyph lookalike domain variations.

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