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How do I Configure and Personalize my Hosting Control Panel in Plesk?

To access to your Hosting Control Panel, login to your hosting plan:

On this platform, you can configure and personalize your hosting services by clicking on the relevant tab for each feature:

  1. Websites & Domains: here you find and manage the vast majority of your hosting plan functions that needed to set up your website correctly.
  2. Mail: Here you will be able to create and manage your email accounts.
  3. Applications: Here you can download third party applications needed to create and improve your website.
  4. Files: manage the files of your website.
  5. Databases: This is where you can manage databases of subscriptions.
  6. Statistics: show how much of your Hosting Plan capacity has been used.
  7. Users: add or edit users, permissions and passwords.
  8. Account: This is where you view detailed information about the account and Plesk permissions.
  9. Wordpress: Install and Administrate your Wordpress website.
  10. SEO Toolkit: Provides an overview of your website’s performance.

We invite you to Download the " Hosting Control Panel Plesk User Guide ", for more information.

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