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How to Exporting ( Import) /Backing Up Contacts in RoundCube?


  1. Login to Webmail using your Email and password. 
  2. Click the Address Book button. 
  3. Click the first contact name in your address book, then hold the Shift key and click the last contact, this will select all your contacts. 
  4. Click the Export button. 


5. A window will pop up and prompt you to save the file, save it to your computer. This may differ depending on your operating system. 


Your Contacts are now saved to your computer. 


To import contacts in Roundcube, follow these steps: 


  • Click Choose Files, and then select the file to import. 
  • To replace the existing address book contacts, select the Replace the entire address book check box. 
  • Click Import. Roundcube imports the contact’s file. 


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